Upgrade Computer Hard Drive With Without Installing Windows Again

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on February 19, 2010



Computer hard drives are prone to failures usually after 2 or 3 years of their use. There are some useful tools that we have reviewed to Diagnose Faulty Hard Disk Drive Using Bootable CD


When you know that your computer hard disk is almost failing, the most intelligent thing is to take the backup of important data. After this, the second thing to do can be cloning your hard disk primary partition. This is a very useful way of preserving your Windows Installation and all other software installations when you are upgrading a hard disk drive with a new one.


In this article, I will review a tool called Simple HDD Cloner which will help you clone a drive partition on to another drive.


We have already reviewed some Hard Disk Cloning tools for Full System Recovery. Simple HDD Cloner 2.0 is a easy to use tool which is much simpler compared to the tools which we have reviewed earlier.



To make a clone for replacing hard disk:

1. Attach your new hard disk to computer as secondary disk.


2. Make primary partition on the new hard disk of the same size as that of the primary partition on the older hard disk. Format the


3. Run the Simple HDD Cloner Tool, link at the end of this article.


4. Select the source as the primary partition of the old hard disk (Primary drive), and Destination

as the Primary Partition of the New hard disk (Secondary Drive). Click the Cone button.

simple HDD Cloner

5. It will take some time depending on the size and heath of your old drive.


6. After the cloning is complete, remove the old primary drive from the computer and use the new drive as primary drive. If you followed everything correctly, the computer will boot from the new hard drive and will load Windows normally as it used to with the old drive.


Hope you find this tutorial easy to follow.

Download Simple HDD Cloner 2.0

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Ian April 28, 2010 at 8:57 am

I find the best way to upgrade your drive without reinstalling Windows is to install Linux once your done with the up grade :)

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