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by Rohit Khurana on June 28, 2010


We usually tend to forget to attach an attachment file in the mails when we get busy in writing the content of their mail.  Many a times we send such emails without attachments. In this article, we will review a wonderful and innovative tool which Integrates the Google Docs with your Microsoft Outlook. This tool lets you drag and drop files into the Microsoft Outlook Window, upload them to your Google Docs Account and then insert a link to the uploaded google document file in the emails.


This tool can upload any attachment to Google Docs from Microsoft Outlook which can be easily shared by any number of recipients as mentioned by you.

As you can see from the snapshot that this freeware acts as a sidebar in the Microsoft Outlook. You can easily access all the documents stored on the Google Docs. Whenever you want to share an attachment just select it form a mail present in your Microsoft outlook and then drag it to the sidebar of Harmon present on the right hand side. After dropping that attachment on to the sidebar you can share it with the recipients which are supposed to have access to this attachment.



This means that instead of sending an attached mail you can send the link of that attachment which has been uploaded on Google Docs. Besides these you can work on any document uploaded or saved on Google documents, you can mark star on it, hide it, rename it, copy the content available inside that file and all the other operations which can be performed on Google Doc webpage.

If you have a huge collection of documents on Google Doc, then it can also locate any of your document with the help of a search bar. It can also convert the documents at Google Docs into the popular file formats like .doc, .pdf etc. so that they can be opened with Microsoft Office, Open Office, Acrobat Reader etc. and then you can download them on your system which can be accessed any time. In this way you can have a reliable backup of your important files.

There is a view bar present at the bottom of the sidebar which allows the user to switch the view between various categories of file like documents, spreadsheet, pdf files, presentations and many more.

This tool has included Google Docs with any email account synchronized with Microsoft Outlook so that you can have access to both i.e. your e-mail account and Google docs simultaneously.

This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows but we have tested it on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition.


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