Use Linux Like Multiple Virtual Desktop Screens In Windows

by Rohit Khurana on September 20, 2011


Sometimes, you end up with so many tasks and processes running in your computer that it becomes really difficult for you to manage all those tasks at the same time. For this, you need to have a utility which provides you with a number of virtual desktops so that the work of managing all the tasks becomes easier for you. With the help of virtual desktops, you can then manage a large number of tasks which will be present in several workspaces which you can customize in according to your needs and requirements. It will be then just like, where you may use one of the available workspaces for performing office related tasks so that it doesn’t get mix up with your personal work such as you may open Facebook on another virtual desktop. In this way you can separately manage your work and personal tasks and that too in a very easy manner. So, today we are here discussing a small utility which can help in you in the above mentioned scenario by providing you with the large number of virtual desktops for managing all your tasks.


Finestra Virtual Desktops is basically a small, easy to use and an open source application which can be used in order to add multiple virtual desktops so that your work can be managed and organized in a much better way. It comes up with many features by which you can make use of the different available virtual desktops and in order to see all the current virtual desktops you may simply make use of the default ‘Win+Z’ hotkey combination, by which you can easily get a quick thumbnail preview of all the virtual desktops on your current screen. Along with this, some of the other features of this smart utility includes, full-screen switcher view with full drag and drop functionality, desktop switcher indicator by which one may see the current desktop number which is in use. It also provides an option to add unlimited number of virtual desktops, multiple monitor support, configurable system tray icons for each desktop and hotkey support to switch between desktops, thus making it lot easier to manage large number of tasks by distributing them among these available virtual desktops.


So, if you want to try out this utility you may anytime download it from the link provided below and once you install it in your system, you can instantly start working on multiple desktops by launching the application. First time, when you launch it, you may observe that by default it has four virtual desktops which are activated for use, but you may even add additional desktops from options which are accessible from system tray menu according to the needs and requirements.


As mentioned earlier, it comes up with a large number of features and thus in order to configure advanced settings or to change something, you need to click on the Finestra Virtual Desktops options which is available in the system tray menu. Here you may observe some of the tabs, among which the General tab allows the user to view the indicator while switching virtual desktops. Similarly, the Desktops tab can be used to add and rename virtual desktops so that the user may remember it easily. One may also change Windows preview background colour and workspace indicator size from the Appearance tab.


So, overall we can definitely say that Finestra Virtual Desktops is really a useful virtual desktop application which helps the user by allowing the user to streamline the workflow by distributing the work across virtual workspaces.

Download Finestra Virtual Desktops

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