Use Mouse Gestures For Common Computer Tasks

by Rohit Khurana on January 4, 2011


Its very annoying sometimes when you have to search for small buttons to minimize a window or maximize it. It becomes really difficult for a person if he’s working in flow and he has to break it for some tiny task like this. I am sure that most of us have to work on a computer now or then as the whole globe is now dependent on computers for all the everyday problems that we face.

So we have a found a new futuristic concept that even I couldn’t believe when I saw it for the first time. This small application known as JustGestures is an awesome way to minimize the use of keystrokes that you need to perform some very common tasks. It is a simple free ware application that allows you to predefine mouse gestures and relate them to some task like minimizing windows or anything else. Using this application on you laptop or a desktop feels the same like doing it on an iPhone.

So let me explain how this works, you will have to download the application and run it as administrator otherwise it may not perform. Then you will see a wizard screen like this :


This is a very important part of the whole process since it tells you how this application works and it will help you learn how to make the full use of this concept. This first one is to tell you about the classic curve gesture as it also tells you how to exactly perform the gesture.

The second one is the Double combo button gesture:


It tells you how to use the double buttons of your mouse with this application.

Third one is the Wheel button Combo :



This page tells you how to use your Wheel button with this application, it is very easy to understand the instructions as you can also use the preview window which shows you how to use the combination with help of animation.

Fourth one is the Gesture Activation Settings :


You can set the sensitivity of the zone and the deactivation timeout in milliseconds. This window also describes how the gestures are activated with the predefined key that needs to be pressed while performing the gesture. If at anytime you need information you can scroll the mouse pointer over the i button at the the lower left corner.

When done with the wizard you will see the following screen :


This window will show you what gesture has been allocated to which task and if you want to make any changes you can easily do that with the options given to you at the top as icons

In the end I would say that this is a pretty awesome one of its kind application and it is really helpful for all those who work a lot on the computer. There a plenty of options like searching on different websites and turning the web pages of your Google chrome web browser. So I can safely say that you don’t even know what your mouse is capable of until unless you use this application once.

Download Just Gestures

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harshal January 11, 2011 at 8:32 pm

this application not working, its have appli installation error.

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