Use MS Fix It To Solve Windows Monitor Display Quality Issues

by Rohit Khurana on November 21, 2011


If you are facing a problem regarding the display quality then you don’t have to worry about it anymore I have got a tool from Microsoft named Fixit available for you which will help you to solve the problem. Fix it, a tool from Microsoft will help you to detect the problems on your machine that are affecting the display on your computer. The tool is configured in such a way that it will automatically diagnose and fix your problems related to display quality and text readability.

The tool will help you to fix problems like video driver in not compatible or not installed, display settings for your monitor are not optimal, calibration of color settings needs to be done, in case the test is difficult to read and blurred and many more.


This is the first screen which will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading. The window will show you two buttons Accept and Cancel you will have to select any one of them.

Fixit 1

After you will click on accept button to accept the terms and conditions it will download the Microsoft Fix it engine for the fix from the web in order to execute the task effectively by getting the latest information from web.

Fixit 2

After it has downloaded the engine from the internet it will give you two options to choose from. First is to detect the problems and apply the fixes and the second one is to detect the problem and let me select the fixes to apply for them.

Fixit 3

The application will notify you that it doesn’t support the CRT monitors so if you don’t have a CRT monitor you can select the continue radio button and click on Next button.

Fixit 8

This is the screen that you will get if you will choose the second option in the previous window. The window will show you the various fixes that are available which you can apply i.e. calibrate display color settings and clear type settings may need to be adjusted.


Fixit 4

Now after you select the fixes that you want to apply and press the next button the above screen will open which will give you two options i.e. Fix it for me or Skit this fix. You can choose as per your requirements.

Fixit 5

When you will choose to apply the fix the above window will open which will help you to calibrate your display.

Fixit 9

This window will help you adjust your Gamma.

Fixit 11

This screen will help you to adjust your color balance.

Fixit 12

This window will show you the difference between the current and the previous calibration.

Fixit 6

After you are you will get the above window which will notify you that the issues are fixed.

Fixit 7

Then you can check whether your problem has been fixed and and fill the above window option accordingly.

Download Fixit.

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Rahul Chauhan November 22, 2011 at 10:24 am


I am using window XP with Service Pack 3, My system take too long time during shutdown & restart process. I have also changed Registry & Grouop Policy setting but nothing happen.
Plz provide solution to fix this issue.

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