Install Dropbox On Pen Drive And Use On Multiple Computers- Use Multiple Dropbox Account On Any PC

by Rohit Khurana on September 16, 2011


Sometimes you have some important data and you want to access it anywhere you want without carrying in a USB drive or any other storage device. You can do it by using an application named Dropbox. The application will help you to sync and share the files with anyone that you want to and the most important feature is that it will allow you a cloud storage account for data storage up to 2 GB. The software supports various platforms of operating systems and devices like Computers, tablet PC, mobiles and laptops. Dropbox is actually a premium service provider which provides cloud storage to its premium customers depending upon their requirement, but they also have a free 2 GB account for other users.  But in case you are not a premium user and you want more space in your Dropbox account I have got an application named Dropbox Portable.


This application will help you to install multiple instances of Dropbox on your system and hence more space. The application will help you to keep Dropbox up to date. The application makes Dropbox portable so that you don’t have to install it every time before using it, just copy the directory structure and use it. The application will help you to synchronize the folders that you want and share any data that like photos, playlists, music files, video files etc. . It  also provides you data security as you don’t have to carry your data everywhere you go if it’s confidential. You can simply copy the Dropbox directory structure into the USB drive and paste it in any system that you use to access your files in Dropbox. The software will run without any administrative privileges.


DropboxPortableAHK 1

This is the first window that will run the software after downloading it. You will just have to press Next for the next 7 steps.

DropboxPortableAHK 8

In this step you will have to download the Dropbox files.

DropboxPortableAHK 9

In this step the setup for Dropbox will be done with the download of the Dropbox files done in the previous step.

DropboxPortableAHK 10

In this step option you will get two options to choose from first is I don’t have a Dropbox account and the other is I already have a Dropbox account.

Download Dropbox Portable

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