Use USB Pen Drive As Key To Lock and Unlock Windows PC

by Rohit Khurana on October 26, 2011


Today I have an application named Password Booster Screen Lock which will lock your computer screen using the USB Flash Drive. This application gives you the similar experience as given by the Windows key on your keyboard. The application will give you an option to register a USB drive for with the application. After you register the USB Drive you can lock the computer screen simply by unplugging the USB Drive.

The application will allow you to register or deregister multiple USB drives so that multiple users can use the same computer using the same software. The program can be used on public as well as shared computers. Once you register your USB Drive to your computer or laptop you can stop worrying about the fact that anyone can interfere in your system behind your back even when you will leave your computer unattended for sometime.

setuppbscrlock 1


This is the first screen which will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing the software. The various buttons that are available in this application are Disable, Enable, Setup, Ok and Exit. The Setup button is used to register and deregister a USB Drive. You can also enable and disable the application by right clicking the system tray icon the icon will change its color on every color if its color is green it means its enabled and if its red it means its disabled. The default state of the software is the enabled state.

In order to get started with the software you should first register the flash drive by clicking Setup and then select the radio button option which says Enroll a Flash Drive to make it a locking and unlocking device. Once this step is over you should insert a USB Drive in your PC, in case it is already inserted in your PC remove it and then reinsert it and it will get automatically registered. You can also unregister the flash drive in the same way by selecting the Unroll a Flash Drive option with the radio button and then again following the same steps for the flash drive. Now after the setup is done when you will remove he drive and reinsert it you computer screen will automatically get locked. In order to unlock your computer screen you will have to reinsert the flash drive or enter the windows password.

Download Password Booster Screen Lock

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