8 Useful And Less Known Features Of Microsoft Office Word 2010

by Rohit Khurana on December 29, 2011


Microsoft Office suite contains a lot of products like Microsoft Access, Microsoft Power Point,  Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Outlook and many more. Today I am going to tell you about some of the useful features of the Microsoft Word 2010.

Include Screenshots and Screen Clips Of Windows In Word Document

Word 1

Microsoft introduced a new feature in Word 2010 i.e. the screenshot feature. The screenshot feature in Microsoft Word will allow you to take screenshot of any of the window that are currently open in your Windows PC. The feature is available inside the Insert menu. When you will click on the Screenshot feature in the Word 2010 it will open a small window which will have the screenshots of all the windows that you have opened and you can choose any one of them. The best option of this Screenshot feature is the Screen Clipping option. When you will click on this option your Microsoft Word Window will get minimized and a resizable window will open on the window which is just behind Microsoft Word so that you can take a screenshot of it by resizing the window.

In-Built Picture Editing Tools In Microsoft Office Word 2010

Word 2

Microsoft Word also introduce a new feature for editing pictures. Whenever you will insert a picture in Microsoft Word it will show you an option of Picture Tools, pointed out by an arrow. There are various new options which are introduced with this feature are Color, Corrections, Artistic Effects and many more. In the above window you can see an option window opened for Artistic Effects which has many predefined effects in the same way it is available for Color and Corrections.

Text Effects and Word Arts In Microsoft Word 2010

Word 3

The WordArt option was always there with Microsoft word but with this version of Microsoft Word it is totally revamped. You can see it has a better way of showing you the effects. And various types of effects available are Shadow, Reflection and Glow. You can also modify the inner and outer shadow.

Remove Image Background In Microsoft Office Word 2010

Word 4

Remove Background is also a new feature introduced with Picture Tools in Microsoft Word 2010. This option will allow you to remove the background for the selected part of the image.


Word 9

This is the window which will open when you will click on the Background removal tool and it will allow you to remove the background of the image. First you will have to select the area of the image in the picture for which you want to remove the background. The area in purple color will be erased and you will only be left with the image. The image which you get can be further fine tuned by using the options pointed out by the arrow in the above image.

Customize Microsoft Word 2010 Ribbons and Menus

Word 5

Microsoft Office 2010 has added Ribbon to all the Office programs, including Outlook and OneNote.Now Ribbon will provide you the control to edit what items appear on its tabs, and it will also allow you to add tabs of your own and put your favorite commands in that tabs. In order to customize it all you have to do is right-click and select Customize the Ribbon option. This will open a dialog box for you which will allow you to make new Ribbon tabs and add or remove commands from the existing tabs and to the new tabs as well.

Quick Access Toolbar For Frequently Used Options In MS Word 2010

Word 6

Quickly Embed Objects, Files, Presentations Etc. In MS Word 2010

Microsoft Word will also allow you to customize the Quick Access Toolbar. By default it shows you three selected options Save, Undo and Redo. But it can be customized to show more options of your choice.

Word 8

Microsoft Word 2010 will also allow you to add a Microsoft Power Point presentation or an Adobe PDF to this Word document. You will get this option in the Insert menu by clicking on the Object option, circled in red in the above image.

Save Any Word Document As PDF File or Publish PDF Using MS Word 2010

Word 8

Microsoft word will also allow you to convert a Word Document into a PDF document. This feature is not new however it’s very important so I included it. You will get this option when you go to the Save As option in the File menu. In the file Save as type dropdown it will show you the option for PDF format. You can select it to save the Word document in the PDF format.

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