View Folders Taking Large Space In Windows 7 or Later Using Space Sniffer Disk Analyzer

by Rohit Khurana on September 14, 2011


Sometimes the free space on your computer gets filled up fast due to the data we store on it. But sometimes this may happen due to some other reasons also like a specific type of file taking more space than other, duplication of files and memory dump. But now I have got an application named SpaceSniffer for you.

The application will help you to analyze your hard disk and give you a visual treemap of all the contents that are present in the drive. The treemap is very useful for you in case you want to analyze the data to delete it to free some space for you or to move some of the data to some other location. The application except for giving you the treemap will also give you an insight into which type of files are taking the maximum amount of space. The software has many search options like type of files, how much old the file is and how much space it takes which will help you to analyze about your space distribution in a much better way.

spacesniffer 1


This is the first window that will open up when we will run the software for the first time after downloading it. The software doesn’t require installation it run directly from the exe file. The first window that will open will give you an option to select the drive that you want to analyze. You can select any drive that you want to analyze the software gives you an option to choose from hard disk drives, CD drives, USB drives and the External Hard drives. The toolbar of the software has four options File, Edit, Windows and Help.

spacesniffer 2

The above window will open up after you will select the drive that you want to analyze and click Start. The application will show you an image with the memory distribution of different types of files present in that drive. The icon bar below the toolbar has various icons to perform various functions. The icon pointed out by red arrow and green arrow are used to show less and more details of the drive analysis. The icon pointed out by blue arrow is used to classify the analyzed data on the type of files. The icon pointed out by yellow arrow is used to show the free space in the drive. The icon pointed out by purple arrow is used to show unknown space or the space that is not scanned.

Download SpaceSniffer.

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