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by Rohit Khurana on September 27, 2011


Do you like using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser more than Internet Explorer. But still there are some features of the New Internet Explorer 9 which pulls you towards using it more than the browsers you like. One such feature present in Internet Explorer 9 is the ability to preview all the tabs using the Windows Aero Peek feature. But if you would preview the Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox you will only see the active tab for each window, which will make it hard for you to find the tab you are looking for. Today I have brought an extension named “theTabs”, for Google Chrome browser which will extend this feature of previewing all the tabs in Google Chrome.

While it won’t act exactly in the same way as it does in Internet Explorer 9 but it will make it easier to find tabs in a window. After the extension will get installed a button will get added to the right of the address bar. When you will click this button it will open the preview of all the tabs that you have opened in the current window.

the tabs 1


After you will install the “theTabs”extension in the Google Chrome browser there will be an icon created just to the right side of the address bar and when you will click on this button above window will open. The window will have the preview of all the tabs that you have opened in the window. The preview tabs looks like a speed access feature as when you will click on any of the tab it will take you to that webpage in that particular window. Each thumbnail has two buttons on the top right hand corner, one of them is for refreshing the preview of the thumbnail and the other is the close button which will close the tab. Also there is an update all previews link on the top left hand corner of the window which is used to update preview of all the tabs. There is also a close link on the top right hand corner of the preview window which when clicked will close the window.

the tabs 2

When you will right click on the “theTabs” button you will get a drop down with various options like the tabs, Options, Disable, Uninstall, Hide button and Manage Extension. The first option i.e. theTabs option will take you to the download location of the extension. Disable option will disable the extension. Using the Uninstall option you can uninstall the extension and Hide button option will remove the extension from the address bar.

Download theTabs.

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