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by Rohit Khurana on December 1, 2010


There are instances, when we need something then we start searching for it everywhere and when we don’t find it any where we go out and buy it from the market without realizing that it was just lying next to us in our drawer or under our bed. This happens a lot of time with me that whenever I need something I go out and buy it instead of searching out for it my room or my house, it is one of our very basic human tendencies. Just like we have so many tools present on our computer and we still try to download softwares from different websites and sometimes even pay for it. People like us, working at trouble fixers try to help you out as much as possible and for that sometimes we have to explain things with snapshots of sofwares and steps involved. For this task we have to use an application which helps us taking the snapshot without the need of a camera.

As we all know that there are plenty of options present for every kind of task related to the computer world. Even for this task there are plenty of applications available, so when i was trying to choose an application, I too wasted a whole day in searching out the best available app for taking snapshot. There are so many tools present that I just couldn’t make out which application to download because i wanted the best and i was confused with so many options. I downloaded one just to find that it wasn’t working. Luckily I was searching out in my start menu for some program and I suddenly came across this tool which was present in my computer itself and came pre loaded with the windows. This tool is known as WinSnap and it serves as good as any other paid third party application available in the web market.



You can easily find this software in the accessories section on the computer menu and start it with a double click. This program is very easy to use and you can even assign it a keyboard shortcut since it is a windows application.


You can also choose from different types of form snips like free form snip, rectangular snip, window snip and full screen snip.


After taking the snapshot you can edit the image according to your needs with a like pen available, you can even customize the pen and if something goes wrong then you can erase the pen as well,there is a highlighting option available as well. Also if you want you can email the image or copy it with the options available in the top menu buttons. You can also save the image in jpg or png formats.

In the end we would say that this is a very basic application but again it serves almost all the needs of a snapshot tool, it even enables you to edit the image and email it instantly. So why download something that you already have.

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