Why Did My Windows Computer Crash? Check Out Crash Details

by Rohit Khurana on September 2, 2011


Now a days we install new applications on our systems very frequently which can be a software, a small freeware, games or some office software’s. And there is a very high possibility that some of the software’s may crash sometimes giving you a error message which can be hard to understand for you. Though windows have made the error messages more simpler and easier to understand with every version.  But still they are tough to understand for many of us. I have a tool for you WinCrashReport, that will help you in understanding the error messages in a much better way.

WinCrashReport provides you a better explanation about the crash report as compared to the report generated by Windows operating system. Whenever a crash happens in your system due to a windows application, you can run the WinCrashReport to get the extensive report about the crash. The report can be generated in two formats text or HTML.

WinCrashReport 1

This is the window that will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. In order to get a descriptive report you will have to run this tool soon after the crash happens and it will give you the descriptive crash report. The button pointed out by red arrow generates the error report in the text format and the button pointed out by green arrow generates the error report in HTML format. The toolbar of WinCrashReport  has following options like File, Edit, View, Options.

WinCrashReport 2


The File menu gives you the options like Save This Crash Report, Export Selected Crashes etc. .

WinCrashReport 3

The Edit menu gives you the options like Find, Copy Select Items and Select All, Deselect All functionalities.

WinCrashReport 4

The View menu gives you the options to select from various formats of reports HTML or text. There are some text formatting options also available in this menu like Show Grid Lines, Show Tooltips and Choose Columns. The Options Menus has only one option for showing internal exceptions.

WinCrashReport  tool is compatible with all the version of windows from Windows 2000 to Windows 7. It provides to a lot of information regarding the crash based on many parameters like General information about the exception, Strings contained in the stack, Call Stack, Registers in the processor, List of the modules, Information regarding all the threads and  data in the stack. The crash reports can also be converted to other languages.

Download WinCrashReport

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