[How To] Ensure Break-Free WiFi Connectivity Of Your Windows Laptop

by Rohit Khurana on January 2, 2012


Sometimes when your are using your WLAN or WiFi Connection you might observe a background scan activity for the wireless networks. These scans improve the latency time of wireless connections but it may momentarily break your WiFi connectivity which may cause VOIP call drops, hang in video streaming or sometimes disconnection from an online gameplay.

Today I have got a freeware tool for you named WLAN Optimizer which will help you to disable the background scans which happen for the WLAN or WiFi networks. The application is also useful for the people who are into online gaming and online audio and video streaming. The application will automatically try to optimize the wireless connection when it will start and if this application works for you then you can make it launch whenever the Windows starts and if it doesn’t work you can close the WLAN Optimizer which will restore the Windows standard values for WLAN.

WLAN Optimizer 3

You can test for regular lags in your wireless connection by opening Command Line in Windows. First Click on Start –> Then type cmd in search box and press enter –> a black window will open which is a cmd window, in this window type ping –t IP address. Now observe the result of the command and see if you are affected by spikes or not. In WLAN there is a service called AutoConfig service which is responsible for the scan that take place when the computer is already connected to the wireless network. This service can cause delays up to five seconds. It can’t be disabled also as it is required to establish the connection. This application will disable this service so that no further scans are done once the connection is established.


WLAN Optimizer 1

This is the first screen which will open up when we will open the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. It has two tabs Status and Settings. The first tab i.e. Status has three options. First option is Autoconfig which will be enabled only for the users who have Admin rights. Second option will specify whether the background scans are ON or OFF. Third option is Streaming mode this option may be disabled on your system depending upon the device whether this option is supported or not.

WLAN Optimizer 2

The second tab is Settings tab which has two sections Startup Settings and Tweaks. The Startup Settings has two options Start With Windows and Start minimized to tray. By default none of the options are selected in the Startup settings. The tweaks has three options Disable AutoConfig, Disable background scan and Enable Streaming mode. By default only the Disable background scan option is selected. The first option i.e. Disable AutoConfig is greyed out, in order to enable that option you will have to run the software in Run as administrator mode.

Download WLAN Optimizer

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