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by Rohit Khurana on October 12, 2010


When we want to know the detailed information about any topic, we usually refer  to Wikipedia. But regular users of Wikipedia usually keep a bookmark of the Wikipedia site for instant access. But it still takes time to first select the language and then carry on with the search.

Considering this problem, Google introduced an extension specially designed for Wikipedia users called Mini Wiki Browser which is a mini browser for Wikipedia only.

Mini Wiki Browser is considered to be an essential extension for Wikipedia users. When installed, it appears with this icon in the toolbar.


This extension provides an easy access to the Wikipedia by just clicking on its icon and search for the desired topic. You can also open the desired search in a new tab for comfortable reading using the option ‘Open in tab’ present at the extreme right of the window.


You can also keep a track of previous search using the back/forward history options provided at the top. You can also keep your searches a secret by using the ‘clear the history’ button present at the left side of back/forward buttons.


You can explore its options using the ‘options’ button present in the window which will open a new tab of its options. Here, you can set the popup window width and font size according to your comfort.


This extension provides the option of choosing two languages  – primary and secondary. It means while looking for your search,you can see the result in two languages in one window. You just have to click on the switch button present in the popup window for choosing the desired language from the two.

You can also enable the option of showing the featured article on start-up which is present in certain Wikipedia languages.


You can also disable and uninstall this extension if not required by just clicking on the options ‘Disable’ and ‘uninstall’ respectively in the right-click menu.


You can also enable this extension in incognito window by going in the option of ‘manage extensions’ in the right-click menu of its icon. Here, you just have to enable the option ‘Allow in incognito’.


Download Mini Wiki Browser

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