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by Rohit Khurana on June 15, 2010


Windows 7 is one of the most advanced and user friendly Windows OS which I have ever used. Earlier version of Windows were also nice, but this one comes with many modern functionalities which impresses me. Many of us usually face software or Internet related problem sometimes in Windows. These problems maybe because of wrong steps, wrong configuration or not following a process correctly. To troubleshoot these problems, we usually try to find the solution on Internet or ask our friends or colleagues.


In this post I will review a Windows 7 in-built utility called the Problem Steps Recorder, this simple but very useful tool helps you to record a series of steps you perform when you face any computer problem. After recording these steps, this tool will save the steps in form of a .mht format web page compressed in a Zip file. This zip file can be sent via email, or via pen drive or any other medium to the person who can view these steps and point out reason for the problem which has been recorded.

To use this tool, press Windows Key + R together to launch run prompt. At the run prompt, type “psr” and press enter :


This will launch Problem Steps recorder. To record the problem steps, just click the Start Record button and perform the steps which cause problem with software or website or any other kind of problem you are facing. When you are done with the process and the problem has been recorded, just hit the Stop Record button.



The tool will ask you to save the recording file. Save it at any convenient location on your computer. It will save it in Zipped file format by default.


When you extract the Zip file, you will see a .mht file. When you open this file, you can see all the steps recorded by the tool. Below is an example of the problem steps which I recorded.


These recorded steps contain the snapshots of the screen, time stamps, OS details, running application details, steps performed during this recording etc.

This is a wonderful tool for seeking help from your computer geek friend who can have a look at these recordings and can figure out what is wrong with your computer or the software for which you face a certain problem. I  find this tool to be very useful in case of seeking remote assistance when the other person can not physically connect to your computer or can not access it over Internet too. Hope you find this tool helpful.

source – AskVG

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