Official Fix For Windows 7 Start Menu Search Not Working

by Rohit Khurana on September 8, 2011


With the latest advancement in technology and with the improvements in on going technology, nowadays everything has become instant and every user from every domain wants quick results. Whether it is searching something on the web or whether it is about searching some files or data on one’s own computer, everyone wants quick and appropriate results. Microsoft introduced one of the best searching feature with its Windows 7 operating system. Although, the kind of functionality that it uses and the way how it searches uses some of the best algorithms and returns the result in almost no time, but still some users have experienced some issue with this feature. It is possible that you might have experience the same situation when sometimes you search for an item or a file in the ‘Search programs and files’ search box of Start Menu in Windows 7, and you observe that it only returns the category headings, and not the actual item. For e.g.. it will return the result and you will only see the headings such as ‘Programs’, ‘Control Panel’, ‘Documents’ etc. . and when you click on them nothing happens.

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This is basically a bug which Microsoft has founded and realized and for this Microsoft has already released a quick Hot fix for this issue. Although, there is one more way to rectify this issue but we recommend you that easiest and the more reliable solution for this and that is through the Hot fix provided by Microsoft.


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First, we will talk about the other solution which can also be used for fixing this issue. For this, you have to log-in as an administrator of the system. After doing so, simply go on to the Run command prompt in the start Menu. After this, simply type ‘regedit’ in the box shown and after typing hit the enter key. As, we know it will show you all the registry entries of the system and you may then simply navigate to the following registry subkey :


After reaching this particular entry, simply select it and then right click on this key. From the menu that appears, select the delete option and remove this entry. Once done with the deletion, you need to restart your PC for changes to take effect. One thing that must be kept in mind before using this method is that make sure that you take a complete backup of all the registry entries of the system before editing it.

As, you may have noticed that this method looks fine for the advanced users but for the beginners, it is really a complex task. So, instead of using this complex method we recommend you a lot simpler and easier method that has been already discussed. So, simply download the file form the below given link and install it in your computer and you may observe that it rectifies the issue in almost no time.

Download Hotfix (Fix296173) to fix Windows 7 Search Result Issue

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pcunite May 3, 2012 at 9:44 am

Would you guys try out FileSearchEX? I’m using it and find it easier for searching. Wanted to know your thoughts or should I persevere with Windows Search.

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