Speedy and Light-weight Windows Explorer Alternative

by Rohit Khurana on June 3, 2011


Today we will be telling you about a small freeware which can help you to take a better care regarding all the files in the system. If you have kept your files organized for the official work and personal work then this tool will help you to be a better browser as compared to the default internet browser and moreover let me tell you that this browser seems to be lighter and faster as compared to the default Windows default Explorer. In this post we will talk more about this tool and we will also let you know about all the features of this tool.


Now if you are working most of the times on the Command prompt then it will really help you by just opening the command prompt window with the desired address. In Linux when you open a directory manually and then open the terminal in that window then the terminal opens with the address of that directory, but this does not happened with the default explorer of the Windows OS, so this WExplorer named tool will help you by doing the same as shown in the snapshot above.




First of all select any drive from the left hand side column and then see the details of that drive on the right hand side. In the context menu you can also see the option of generating the pie-chart which will be very helpful for you to understand the amount of space being taken by each file available in that directory, you can also create any New Folder or any New File with the help of the options available in the Content Menu. You can also save the details of a particular folder with ‘Save’ options in under File Menu.

The size of this tool is very small, it is around 100 KB and this offers a very useful task of performing browsing in the folders in a smarter way. This tool works on all the version of Windows as it has been been tested with Windows 8. Moreover this tool is portable so you just need to put it in your USB drive to use it anywhere on the other system. Please do let us know about the problems which you faced while using this tool or if you have better suggestions with other tools.

Download WExplorer

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