Windows Incremental Data Backups Software With Schedule Option

by Rohit Khurana on May 5, 2011


Data backup is very important and it’s good to learn it the easy way rather than hard way. With increase in viruses, Trojans and malwares, data is always under threat of being vanished if you don’t use updated antivirus. Though Windows comes with recovery options like System restore but it won’t help you in getting your data back if your laptop is lost or your hard disk gets burnt due to short circuit. Leo Backup will help you backup your data in few easy steps.

Let’s look at backup process step-by-step.

Step 1: Once Leo Backup is installed you will see a welcome wizard to help you start with backing up of your files.

Leo 5

Step 2: Click on Add and you will get many options under it like Folder, Files and many more.

Leo 7

Step 3: Once you have added files you want to backup, you will get options where you want to back it up.

Leo 8

Step 4: If you decide to backup files on local drive or Network Disk then you have to specify the location you want to back it up.

Leo 9

Step 5: Incremental backup will help you if you want to back up your work in future as well, this feature will just add files to existing backup instead of copying all files again. It will allow you to zip files to save on space in case you are backing up larger data on external drive or to a server. Then you also an option to encrypt files i.e. you can add password to make them safe. Last is timestamps which allows you to add month/date/ time  to your backup.


Leo 10

Step 6: You can enable scheduling for periodic backup.

Leo 11

Step 7: Next you see an option to run programs before and after the backup. This is helpful in case you are backing up registries or other settings.

Leo 12

Step 8: You can name backup in case you are making different backups for different files. Once you have named backup set. You can tick “Backup Now” to start backup process or you can leave it to start it later.

Leo 13

Step 9: In case you haven’t ticked backup now then it will show you that you have configured backup set click on backup button to start backup process. One click and all your data would be backed up and you won’t have to worry for your precious data any more.

Leo 14

There are few limitations to it. Professional version is a 30 days trial pack, after that either you have to purchase professional version or can use standard version which won’t allow back up to FTP or SFTP. Apart from this it doesn’t allow you to make image of your hard disk. Though it has few limitations still it’s a good and easy to use backup application with various advanced features.

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Zainab Moosajee May 7, 2011 at 7:40 pm

My laptop came with Avira Antivirus but I am not happy with it because it does not cure or kill the bug or virus just quarantines it. Is it advisable to download another antivirus for FREE from the MS website if so how effective is it? and does it update periodically? Thanks a lot.

Xantes May 9, 2011 at 5:11 pm

We certainly CAN live without this app. … it doesn’t back-up your system folders!

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