Windows Malware Protection Tool

by Rohit Khurana on February 27, 2010


Windows Malware Protection (or "Wimp") is a freeware utility that helps protect your system from malicious trojans and worms. It was initially designed to remove the many common "flash drive" viruses , i.e. those that spread through USB flash drives; currently, It detects and removes more than 15 of these "flash drive" viruses.


It also prevents malicious programs from disabling Task Manager and Registry Editor, and also prevents changes to many other system settings. This application does not have a visual interface, does not require any installation, so you can execute directly on computer. Once it started running it will show up only in windows system tray.


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Whenever this program detects a virus it automatically removes it and displays an alert box near the taskbar. Wimp also blocks automated scripts (such as VBScript files) from running on your computer, since some viruses spread in this manner. To make the best use of Wimp, place it in your Startup folder: Go to Start > Programs, right-click on Startup and select Open, Create a shortcut to Wimp in this folder.


Anytime if you want to disable wimp you just need to right click the system tray icon and select disable wimp.


Download Wimp | Similar Tools – Ninja Pendisk, iKill

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