Windows Vista Runs Slow On Low RAM – Fix With Ready Boost

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on December 19, 2008



One of the biggest problems that keep the users from upgrading to Windows Vista on their old computer is that Windows Vista eats up RAM like anything, especially if you compare it with Windows XP, which can run pretty easy even on 512 MB of RAM. But on other hand, to run Windows Vista will not run very easy on lesser than 1 GB, for a good experience, you should get at least 2 GB.


The question is:

Can I use Windows Vista on my old computer with low RAM?



The answer is yes, yes you can run Windows Vista on computer with low RAM using ready-boost feature which uses your pen-drive for pre-fetching.


In this post we tell you how you can improve Windows Vista Speed without upgrading RAM.


What is Ready-boost?


Ready-boost uses the external drive like memory card or pen dive to pre-fetch the frequently used files and thus making the Windows Vista Run faster even with low RAM. This means that the pen-drive tries to imitate the RAM, because a pen-drive is usually faster than hard-disk, so it gives a performance boost. But it is not as good as having high RAM, but something is better than nothing when you got low RAM on your old computer.



Steps to use Ready-Boost:


1. Install Windows Vista ( we assume that you have already installed it)

2. Plug the USB pen drive to the computer. Backup your data from the pen drive and make it empty. You may get this option of ready boost on plugging in drive, even if you don’t get it, don’t worry, just see the following steps.


3. Go to Computer, right click on pen drive and click “Properties” and turn on “Ready-boost” as the screen shown below.


Unfortunately my drive is not so speedy compared to my hard-disk, so I can’t use it, but you can use this feature to speed up Windows Vista on your computer with low RAM.

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himanshu August 22, 2009 at 11:32 am

you are doing very good job to make computer use with safty and faster.

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