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by Rohit Khurana on September 24, 2010


Social Networking sites are the most popular websites over the internet and today everyone who uses internet, does have an account on social networking site. The reason for so much popularity of the social networking sites is to keep touch with all your buddies every time. There are so much exciting features available on these sites like you can share pictures, videos, text, play games and much more with your friends.

You must have uploaded a picture on your profile page. But all social networking sites have feature to display your images as thumbnails i.e displaying your image in a very small size. Although you can maximize it by clicking on the image, but problem is that you will need to click on every thumbnail which you want to see and other is that clicking generally opens in a new window. So today we will be telling about tool named Thumbnail Zoom using which you can zoom the thumbnail only by putting your cursor over it.

Thumbnail Zoom is basically a add-on to Firefox and this will work only with Firefox browser. As the name suggest, this tool will zoom all the thumbnails. This tool woks on all major social sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Amazon, Picasa, Flickr, LinkedIn and Hi5. Open your Firefox browser and then download this tool. This tool will then automatically add-on in your browser and your browser will restart, once it get successfully installed.

14-09-2010 23-08-20

Now this tool will integrate in your Firefox and you can see it by clicking on tools and then on add-on. You will see a window as shown above. You can click on Disable if you don’t want this tool to function in your browser. Later you can also enable this tool whenever required. And to completely remove it from your computer, simply click on Uninstall. Now to try it, click on options. You will see a window as follow.


14-09-2010 23-13-25

From options you can customize this tool for which website you want to use. By default it is set for all eight websites but still you can remove any of them, if you want. Under the show panel you will see two options  “Immediately” or “After some short duration”. Select “Immediately” if you want to see the zoomed thumbnail as you put your cursor over it and “with short duration” if you want to see zoomed thumbnail after a little duration. Once you done with all the settings, click on ok.

Now I will show you an example on Facebook as how this tool works. I will show how this tool can modify your thumbnail on the homepage and thumbnails of your friends which keep on coming in News Feed.

14-09-2010 23-20-09

14-09-2010 23-25-21

In similar way you can see zoom any thumbnail on all eight websites by just putting your cursor over that particular thumbnail.

The size of this add-on is just 36.4 Kb and it will automatically integrate in your Firefox. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Firefox and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition with Firefox version 3.5.7.

Download Thumbnail Zoom

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