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by Rohit Khurana on June 4, 2011


Internet surfing is not all about enter a word in Google and press enter. We come across many webpages which do have the meaningful content but it is very difficult to read them. The problem may be due to the bright font colors, the background is intermixed with the text written, the size of the font and many more. We have seen that Mozilla Firefox has helped its users with a number of add-ons. So, here is a new one in  line for the convenience of the users named as NoSquint.

NoSquint is Firefox add – on which will help the users to change the webpage view. It has been designed to change the font color and size, background color, zooming level and few changes in images, status bar and mouse wheel. the add – on will be installed very soon. It will be present next to your address bar to zoom in and zoom out as shown in the snapshot below.

Welcome to Firefox 5 - Mozilla Firefox_2011-05-31_23-03-48

For other changes you have to go to the add – ons and choose options to make the changes. The snapshot below displays the interface to make the changes. The settings are divided under four heads: General, Zooming, Colors and Exceptions.


NoSquint Global Settings_2011-05-31_23-05-53

Now the settings that can be changed for the convenience of the users are as described. Under General, you can choose the site specific settings like the per site changes are to be retained or not. The time period for which the settings are to be saved. Under Zooming, you can select whether the full page is to be zoomed or only the text. Then you can select the zooming level. It can be controlled with the mouse wheel also. Select if the zoom level is to be displayed on the status bar.

Few other helpful changes can be made with the tab Colors to make the text readable. It will solve the problem of background mismatch or bright colors etc. You have to simply check the options for text, background, background images, show the marked and unmarked sites in different colors. After the tick mark, click on the tab next to the options and select the required color from the list available. These settings will be for all webpages by default.

To make the site specific changes use the Exception tab. Enter the site for which you want to make the changes. You can easily edit or remove the changes you have made. So, enjoy all the webpages easily.

The application has been tested on Firefox 5.0 and is designed to be compatible with Firefox 3.0 to 5.0.

Install NoSquint

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