2 Free Tools To Make Removable Drive Read Only


This is quite common question we had received from many readers who wants to make their drive write protected or read only on any public computer so that nothing goes into their drive without permission.


Normally people want to make their removable and other portable drive read only to keep their drive safe from being infected by viruses.


There are lot of viruses which could enter your pen drives through various public computers, but there are many free tools which can help you protect pen drives and other portable drives from viruses and worms which spread through pen drives.


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Let’s discuss all the tools which can make your pen drive read only when ever you want

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There are several free tool in this category which makes any company pen drive or any other portable drive write protected by applying a simple registry hack.


1. Thumbscrew – It is free to use small utility which makes your drive write protected so that any virus, trojan or any other malware cannot enter in your drive.


After downloading the program, you just need to right click the system tray icon to make your drive write protected.

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2. USB Write Protector – It is again a free program which can help you make your pen drive protected, you can carry this utility on your pen drive and make your drive protect with this small free program.


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Tip: If your pen drive contains the physical lock you don’t need utilities like these you can make it protected with the physical switch easily.



  1. is there a programe that can make my pen drive copy & cut protect.so that know 1 can copy or cut files and folder from it but stil can view and install exe files and jpeg files from it

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