5 Free Software To Add Taskbar To Extended Multiple Monitor On PC

Windows is no doubt one of the best operating system as it allows and gives more freedom to you in terms of what you to do it to make it more personalized and take control of various things directly into your hands, you can make it do in way you want to do it for you unlike Mac Os and I mean this and can give more than 10 examples of the same.

One such good feature which I like a lot is Multi Monitor Setup which is in built in windows as shown in the image below.

3 Free Software To Add Taskbar To Extended Multiple Monitor On PC

But the thing which I miss the most is that once you have multiple monitor setup running in windows, you wont see the taskbar in the extended monitor – so apart from the primary monitor all the extended monitor will be without the taskbar which seems much relevant to me.

But if there is problem in terms of missing feature in windows there is solution to the same by installing a software and most of the time this software is free to use so you don’t have to pay almost for everything like Mac OS X.

Some tools for windows that could add a taskbar to extended monitor and do a lot more are mentioned below.

Actual Multiple Monitors – This software is something that could provide you a taskbar on every monitor you have connected to your PC but with a start button, add icons to extended multiple monitor desktop area, open date and time properties just like the primary monitor windows taskbar, you can pin items to taskbar, you will see live previews of the windows opened in extended multiple monitors, you will access to have jump lists and almost any other feature which you see in the windows taskbar and yes its free as well.

Actual Multiple Monitor

Multimonitor taskbar is another freeware which extends Windows 7 taskbar on multiple monitors attached to your system. The program lets you quickly minimize or maximize application windows from any extended monitor and not just the primary one. It provides you the option to move windows easily from one monitor to other.

MultiMon Taskbar

Nvidia NVIEW Desktop Management – It gives you maximum flexibility and unprecedented control of a single or multiple display environments. nView provides the right set of tools to navigate through their system’s information reducing lost time while maximizing productivity. It provides Intuitive interface for easy display management.
>  Customizable desktop by various usage models
>  Robust IT management tools for easy deployment and maintenance
>  Tested compatibility with industry-leading business applications
>  Proven stability — over millions of enterprise installations

Multi Monitor View Features

Some other free software which does the same thing are, Dual Monitor which works with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and provide the following features like.

    • Taskbar on the second monitor
    • Pinned programs
    • Aero support
    • Window manager
    • Mirror mode
    • Auto-Hide
    • Notification area
    • Start Button (BETA)

90% of the users using it recommend it to others.

On the other hand, ZBar is another utility for those who use multiple monitors. ZBar will:

    • Put a taskbar across the top or bottom of all non-primary screens with one or two rows of buttons, in six styles, with an optional clock
    • Provide keyboard shortcuts to move windows one screen along
    • Organize your desktop wallpaper one image per screen or one image across all screens
    • Display a six month calendar, last month, this month, and four months ahead

Some Other Paid and But Good Programs For This Purpose

which we also recommend if your purpose is not solved from the free alternatives are

    • Ultramon,
    • Display Fusion,
    • Multimon Taskbar Pro

You can search these software on google to find the download website and features, one thing we should say that these paid ones provide much more useful and extra features than the free one which you will love once you use them.

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