Accidentally Deleted Recovery Partition– What To Do Now?

We got a question on our question answer portal from one of our readers which reads like this:

I purchased the New HP Laptop Core i3. 1000 . 1140Tu . During partition of C. Driver my Recovery partition D.Driver was deleted mistakenly. I could not even create recovery disc. Can any expert help to Recover my D.Drive. (Recovery Partition)?

Recovery Partition

These days, many laptops come with a recovery partition which is like an image of the OS with drivers and basic features installed. This image is equivalent to shat you get on your laptop from factory. If you use this partition to recover your computer if your Windows go bad, you can recover to the factory settings. But the loss in such case is that you loose all the data which you have on your hard disk.

Coming back to the original question, which states that the recovery partition has been accidentally deleted. Usually, when you delete a partition, the data physically still remains on the disk, but the master tabled maintaining that data are deleted. It is when you store something on the disk, you actually run into a risk of overwriting over the deleted data or partition and loose the data completely.

A wise idea will be to try some free software like Easus Parition Manager free edition to check if it recognizes the deleted partition and allows you to re-create it? If no, try to create a backup disk set on some DVD if your OS allows you to do with the installed support form the computer brand. In worst case, you will loose only the recovery partition, but its always a better approach to keep your important data synched to an external disk or some cloud storage service so that in case of a computer crash, your data is still safe. Also there is an alternative of creating a complete Windows backup for just in case, using the in-built backup feature of Windows.

If your laptop is still under warranty, you can even take it to service center where they maybe able to help you to re-create the recovery partition for a later use. But in reality, if you have the Windows product key on the sticker on the laptop / computer and an installation disk of same version of Windows (from same or other computer), you can still re-install Windows. The only problem is that you may have to manually install drivers again and re-activation may be a little tricky where you might have to call the customer care and explain it to them as why do you want to re-install. Good Luck!

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