Add A Local User To Windows 8 Along With Microsoft User Account

Windows 8 does offer many useful features which require you to use Microsoft account to use these accounts to their full potential. But the problem in using only a Microsoft account on your Windows 8 computer or tablet is that if you have to ever share it with your friends or family, they will get access to your personal emails, chats which are associated with that account. There maybe other privacy related issues when you have to share your Windows 8 computer with someone else. But there is a perfect workaround for it by which you can protect your privacy whenever someone other than you is using your home PC or laptop which uses Windows 8. The solution is to use a separate local account, just like a guest account which is not linked to your Microsoft ID or Hotmail or Live id.

You can have multiple user accounts on your Windows 8 computer and use the Microsoft account when you are using the computer and log out and let your family members login using local or guest account which you can create following these simple steps:

Steps To Create New Local Account In Microsoft Windows 8

Step 1: Go to PC Settings > Users > Add user

Add New Local User To Windows 8 (1)

Step 2: On the Add user screen, there is a link at the bottom which says Sing in without a Microsoft account, click on it.

Add New Local User To Windows 8 (2)

Step 3: It will take you to another Add a user page, there click on the button which says “Local account”

Add New Local User To Windows 8 (3)

Step 4: Enter the Username and password details. You can also leave the password field blank if you don’t want to set any password for this account. When done, click Next.

Add New Local User To Windows 8 (4)

Step 5: Click on Finish to complete the setup.

Add New Local User To Windows 8 (5)

Step 6: Now sign out of the Microsoft account and you will see the newly added account. Login using this new account, it may take few minutes for the first time login as it prepared the screens and user data for the new user.

Add New Local User To Windows 8 (5)

This is it, hope you find this tutorial easy to follow. Check out some more Windows 8 Tutorials by Trouble Fixers.

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