Add A Word In Office Word 2010 or 2007 Default Dictionary

There are times when you are creating a word document, you need to mention some words in the document like Names, Full Names and some other words which are not found in English dictionary. In such a case it would be better to add those words to the default word dictionary so that they are not show with incorrect broken underlines.

Microsoft word 2010

It is actually very easy to add custom words to the default word dictionary, you don’t even need to create a custom dictionary for adding these words. In order to add a word which is not recognized in English dictionary you just need to right click on that word and select the option Add To Dictionary [ as shown in the image below ]


You can also correct a word this way as shown in the image below, through the suggestion it will automatically offers or add the word to default word dictionary. We hope you find this little tip useful while working with word, you can also read our office 2010 tips section to know about more productive tips for office 2010.

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