Add Mac Like Dock To Your Windows PC

Most of us usually get bored by the same look of our desktop everyday. Especially those who have worked on the Mac operating system miss those animated icons on their desktops while working on the windows. Although Windows explorer provides a variety of icons to hold the attraction of users but still the icons are not much animated to excel in their job.

In solution to this problem, there is a free tool called ObjectDock which will let its users enjoy smooth animated Mac OS X like object dock on Windows.


ObjectDock is a popular desktop enhancement program available that adds a skinnable dock to your Windows desktop. It is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp.

After installation, it will add a dock at the bottom of the dock. Basically,

it enables users to organize their shortcuts, programs and running tasks into an attractive and fun animated Dock just like this one.

When you will open its settings by right click on any of the icon present in the dock, it will open a new window of ‘objectdock’. Here, it will give the information about the dock and the icons present in it. You can manage the icons very easily using the 3 options present on the window.

In the first option, you can add a new shortcut, separator or a new docklet by just clicking the options. You can also choose whether you want to show running applications or system tray icons on your dock.

You can also set the position of the dock accordingly either left, right, top or bottom of the screen in the ‘position’ option. You can also manage the size, style and color of the icons in the ‘size’ and ‘style/color’ options respectively.

You can also add effects on zooming when put mouse on the icons.


In the ‘settings’ tab, you can set the normal startup setting and performance and troubleshooting options.


It offers some advanced tweaks also in the option which will open a new window with various more features to manage. Lets say, it allows us to enable the option of pointing to target and not shortcut when a shortcut is added to the dock which is very useful and many more.


It is a smart tool which will add some animation to your desktop. Adding to it, it allows you to manage your shortcuts and favorite folders easily and in a unique style.

Download ObjectDock

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