Add More Rows To Google Docs Excel Sheet

Do you use Google Documents online, well I use it a lot for personal and work reasons. I really like the freedom I get with it. No need to install office suit, access anywhere on Internet without need to have an Office Suite installed on the computer you are accessing it from.


I can even open it from within the Safari browser on iPhone when I am on the go and view and edit my Google Documents.


While editing a Google Document Spreadsheet file shared with a friend of mine, it ran out of rows displays on the sheet. My friend called to tell me that he can not add anymore data on Google Document Spreadsheet online as the all the rows of the spreadsheet are filled and he could not see anymore rows.

Well, this is not problem as the Google Documents Spreadsheets allows you to add rows on the fly and displays only a fixed number of rows unlike the MS office Excel or Open Office Spreadsheets.


Here is how you can simply add as many number of rows as you need to any of the Google Document Spreadsheet.

Click on the bottom left corner of the spreadsheet on the “+” symbol as shown in the image below. Type the number of rows you want to add. Click OK.


Simple, isn’t it ? Hope this solves your trouble next time you run out of rows on your Google Docs Excel Spreadsheet.


  1. Do you know how can we organize multipple sheets in multiple rows. When you add more than say 5-6 sheets, slider arrow has been shown, and you cannot see all your sheet names at once.

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