Share Google Chrome On Same Computer Among Multiple Users

Google Chrome is gradually becoming the most preferred browser on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and even Android & iPhones. But if you have a desktop or laptop computer a home which you share with other family members, you might find it annoying to share the Google Chrome browser with others. The reason is that Google Chrome browser does use the user profile to save bookmarks and settings associated to your Google account and delivers the same kind of customization on different computers when you sign in. For example, I use the Google Chrome on my office desktop and my laptop at home and both are signed in to my Google account. Whenever I add remove bookmarks, change extension settings on one of these, the other chrome browser automatically adjusts to the other one. It makes life very simple.

But when you are sharing the same desktop or laptop at home with your family or friends, you might not like them play with your bookmarks and extensions. In this article, I will share a simple tip on how to avoid this problem by using a separate profile for each users. There was a time when you had to use external tips or extensions to use multiple profiles on same browsers, but now all you need to do it already integrated in the Chrome itself and you need not install any external stuff.

Each of these users can have their own Google Chrome customization and profile without hurting other’s profile and settings. Simply follow the steps below to add a new user to Google Chrome:

Step 1: Click on the options button on the top right corner in Google Chrome and click on Settings.

Add New User To Chrome (1)

Step 2: In settings menu, click on “Add new user” button under the User menu.

Add New User To Chrome (2)

Step 3: Select a user icon and name for the user and click on create. You need not use email id here, any simple name for your reference will do.

Add New User To Chrome (3)

Step 4: You can now easily switch between (among) users when needed by clicking the top left corner of the chrome screen. Each user can sign into his/her Google account (optional) and sync their Google settings with the chrome browser.

Add New User To Chrome (4)

Please share this tips with your friends. Check out our some more Tips on Google Chrome by Trouble Fixers.

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