Add Password To A Folder With Secure Folder

At home, we usually have a single computer or laptop which is shared by all the family members so it becomes difficult to save our personal data. Also in offices, our colleagues’ evil eyes are always searching for important data in our computer.

So, to keep our data safe there are two options either hiding our folder using hide icons application or using a freeware called Secure Folder which will help us password secure our folders.

Secure Folder is a tiny application for commercial as well as personal use which will lock/unlock folders and drive with password. It is supported by windows 7,  vista and xp.

It is downloaded as an exe file so there is no need of installation. When you will run the exe file it will ask you to enter the password to login. You have to remember this password because you can later unlock your folders using this password only.


After login, you can see the main window of the application which is user-friendly with few options so that you can make your folder secure in just few clicks.


For making your folder safe, you just have to click the option ‘Add’ and add your folder and the folder is locked. It doesn’t provide the option of drag & drop.


Now, when you want to open that folder, you have to right-click and click ‘[Lock/unlock] with secure folder’. After that, it will ask you for the password which you have entered at the time of login to unlock. NOTE: Now, the folder will get unlocked so you have to again lock it to make it safe by going to the application.


You can also unlock the folder in the main window by marking the desired folder and using the option ‘Unlock’.


It also provide you the option of changing the password by going in the option ‘File’ and then ‘Change Password’ which will show you the this window where you can set the new password. image

So, it is a smart utility for hiding our personal information from the people whom we don’t want to see it.

Download Secure Folder

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