[How To] Add Screenshots In MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint Without Installing Any Software

If you have Microsoft Office 2010 or newer version, I will share one great feature with your which will save your effort and time in adding screenshots or screen captures to Microsoft Office softwares like Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint etc. with ease in no time. Typically, if you have to add a screen capture for tutorials, technical documents, educational or any work related documentation, then you have many options to do the same. There are many free and paid softwares which are used to capture and save screenshots. In Windows 7 onwards, there is an in-built snip tool to capture screenshots or screen captures.

But if you are using MS Office 2010, there is an in-built feature in the applications to directly capture and insert screenshots in your documents. In this tutorial I will share the example of Microsoft PowerPoint. To insert a screenshot in MS PowerPoint, click on Insert > Screenshot. There are some easy to use options further, which includes inserting any of the open windows or taking a clip of any of the screen areas.

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If you want to capture a full Window, make sure that Window is opened in background, now when you insert the screenshot using the Insert Screenshot option, these opened Windows will be shown as thumbnails and can be directly inserted into the document.

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You can insert any screenshot including Website pages, software windows etc. but it will be a full Window which can be further edited and cropped using Picture Tools detailed later in this article.

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In case you want to capture or highlight a particular part of your computer screen rather than a software window, in that case, click on the Screen Clipping option in the Insert Screenshot Option. This will show a + like icon on scree, you can click and drag to select the area you want to capture and leave the mouse or click button to confirm selection which is a very useful way.

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Now the problem remains is that most screen captures may have some elements which you may want to crop or some level of brightness, contrast and other basic editing you may require to do in these snapshots, which is also taken care of by the MS office. Just click on the screenshot and click on Format option in the MS PowerPoint, Word, or Excel software (which ever are you using), this will show you Picture Tools which provide you almost all basic editing options.

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This is it, this is all we have for you, you can experiment with the Picture tools to make these screenshots even better for your documents. Hope you find these tips useful. We leave you with basic screenshots of MS Word and Excel to show you the Menu location in the office software.

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  1. This is quite a common trick. And the newer version of Microsoft Office is Microsoft Office 2o13 Preview.

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