Add, Show Custom Text On Windows Desktop Background Wallpaper

Personalization is one of the characteristics which help the user to make his or her system feel homely. Now, this can be done in many ways but we are here to tell you about a tool which can add something to this characteristic. You can call this tool as Wallpaper text Editor and this tool performs an operation which is quite similar to its name but do not worry as it will alter any of the looks of your wallpaper, in this post we will tell you that what exactly this tool performs and how can you use it.


This tool will put a line of text on your wallpaper, it will not permanently put that text but it will appear as if a line of text is present on your wallpaper, it will just overlap the text posted by this tool over the wallpaper which available on the background of your system. You can put anything there with any kind of color and any kind of background color for the text. You can take a look at the screenshot of the application mentioned above this paragraph. Now you can see that there are only two features offered by this tool.

It can change the color and size of the text which will be posted on the background on your system but again it does not have any alignment function, so if you want to place it in the middle of the screen then you will have to use spaces for that. The second operation is changing the background color of the text. For example, if you changed the background color to black, then all the text written in the application will be enclosed in a small box of black color filled in it. I never found any method to turn the background into ‘No Fill’, if you want to remove all the formatting then you will have to empty the text section and then press the last button as mentioned in the screenshot.

Now let me tell you that to type the text there is a space available in the middle of the application window. I will not say it as a Wallpaper text editor, because it never sticks to any wallpaper, even if you change the wallpaper that text will be there. This tool is portable and its size is around 125 KB, it has been tested on the latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition. So, if you face any issue then please let us know about it.

Download Wallpaper Text Editor

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