Add Up Button Explorer Navigation In Windows Vista


When I started using Windows Vista after Windows XP, the first thing that I missed was the Up button in Windows Vista Explorer Windows as compared to windows XP. The Up button is very convenient in easy navigation as you can see in image below, but there are three different fixes to this problem we will share in this post.

wiwndows xp navigation bar

Vista Navigation buttons

One is  keyboard shortcut, other is a feature of Windows Vista that does the functionality of UP button in even better way and last one is a paid tool which you can download and install and pay for it at your discretion.


Keyboard shortcut for UP button


The keyboard shortcut for Up is “ALT + UP Arrow Key”

This works exactly like the up button as in Windows XP.


Breadcrumb Navigation Bar Of Windows Vista


The feature is called “breadcrumb navigation”. Many of new Vista users might not observe the small arrows at the path which is displayed by Windows Explorer in Vista. See the image below:


This feature is better in saving time when you have to go directly to a folder which is one level, or two levels, or three levels up. This works faster than Windows XP UP button.


Up-Button Add-on By MaviApps


But still if you want an up button, there is a paid software available for that, however we have not tested that software and take no guarantee of it. It will cost you around $5, so if you want, you can try MavisApps Up Button for Vista on your discretion.


Please leave your comments or suggestions if you have more tips or ways.


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