[Solved] After Subscribing To Youtube Channel I Do Not Get Alerts For New Uploads

One of our youtube channel subscriber asked us this question on why he don’t get alerts via email when ever we upload a youtube video on our channel. For those who follow youtube videos this is a common problem as emails alerts are the most instant way to get notified about a new uploaded video on our channel.

Now as per the default youtube interface and settings, you will never get emails alerts from any new channel you subscribe, in order to get email alerts you will need to specifically opt for it under manage subscriptions on youtube.

Login to youtube with your account and then go to my subscriptions


Now click on manage subscriptions as shown in the image below.


Now go through all the channels and locate the youtube channel for which you want to receive emails updates when it uploads a new youtube video. Now you need to check the option which says email with new uploads.


This is how you can fix this issue and moreover you can also decide updates from which of your subscribed channels should appear in feed, you again need to check the option as show only uploads in feed rather than all activity.

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