All In One Tool For System Checkup, System Cleanup, System Speedup, Network Security And PC Performance

Today I have got a tool for you named Toolwiz Care, a freeware which can be used to speedup your slow PC’s performance. This application has a collection of tools which can help you to optimize your system’s performance in various ways providing you an overall improvement in your system’s performance. The application has System Checkup tools in order to detect any kind of problems, errors, registry errors, malware, spyware or virus in your system. It has System Cleanup tools in order to clean any type of malware, spyware or virus in your system and correct the errors in the system like fixing the registry. The application has System Speedup options to defragment your hard disk, check for the system startup time and reduce it. The tool also provides option to improve network security of the system locally as well as on the internet. The application also has various tools for the system to monitor and improve the systems performance.

Toolwiz Care 1

This is the first window which will open up when you will open the application for the first time after downloading and installing it. The system has six icons i.e. Checkup, Cleanup, Speedup, Security, Tools and App Manager. Each of these icons indicate the various options, tools, checks and fixes that are bifurcated among them in order to enhance the performance of our system in every possible way. Under the Checkup option our system will be scanned for any virus, spyware, malware, registry errors, keys, log files, temporary files, junk files, dump files, cache files, history, services, windows options, tool option and many other things for any kind of anomalies. If any errors are found then there is also an option to fix them using the Fix button.

Toolwiz Care 2

The Cleanup options has four sub options i.e. Registry Clean, Disk Clean, Privacy Clean and Disk Analyze. Registry Clean option will check your registry for errors and fix in case it has any. The Disk Clean option will help you to analyze and fix any problem that exists in your hard disk. The Privacy clean will help you to clean your private files like browser’s cookies, session history, temporary history and many more. The Disk Analyze option is used to analyze your hard disk for any type or error and fix them in case it has any.

Toolwiz Care 3

The Speedup option has for sub options i.e. System Optimizer, Startup Report, Startup Optimizer and Fast Defrag. The System Optimizer provides options to improve the system’s performance by improving the system response time, stability, GUI and command response, File security and speed Network security and speed and many more. The Startup Report gives you the report which include various statistics about your system’s startup time compared to other computers and which program is taking how much time at the start and what all can be removed and what can’t be. The Startup Optimizer will provide you the options to remove various services and programs from starting at startup in order to speed up your startup time. Fast Defrag option can be used to defragment your hard disk in order to improve the hard disk’s performance.

Toolwiz Care 4

Security has four options i.e. Plugin Manager, Network Manager, Process Manager and Service Manager. The Plugin Manager gives you the list of all the installed plugins installed in your system and also it gives you the option to remove it. Network Manager option will show you all the connections that are currently running in your system and also to close anyone of them if you want to. Process manager option will show you the various processes running in your system and the option to disable it. The Service Manager option will show you the service that are currently running in your system and the option to disable any particular service.

Toolwiz Care 5

The Tools options has tools divided in three categories i.e. Basic tools, Advanced tools and Super tools. The function of what the tools do can be known simply be reading their name.

Toolwiz Care 6

App Manager option has two sub options Uninstall Software and Recommend Software. The Uninstall Software option gives you the option to uninstall any software that is currently installed in your system and Recommend software will show you a list of recommended software and their download links for various purposes.

Download Toolwiz Care.


  1. Thx,it is an excellent site.This new company has come with a bang.And you are one of few who noted it earlier.Its timefreeze is excellent according to some who used.It may be a no frill brother of Wondershare Time Freeze which is a shareware even if cheaper since inception

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