Analyze hard disk usage with Free WinDirStat Tool for Windows


I came across a very useful tool called WinDirStat that graphically shows you what files are consuming what amount of disk space on a particular drive. Its a Free tool, easy to use and very effective.


My problem was that I have a desktop which is few years old, running Windows Xp, the primary partition having Windows installed is about 10 GB and after years of usage its almost full. I keep getting Low disk space warnings !

All the data on the disk is useful and I did not what to delete, so I searched for a tool to help me decide what to do?



Lets see how to free your disk space with help of this effective tool.



Download and install the WinDirStat tool from the download link given below. After installing simply run the tool to analyze your computer’s disks. It will scan all the files and show you a graphical view like in image below (click to enlarge):



One thing i really like the tool is that it will show you different types of files in different colors. You can visually judge the largest file size of a file just by looking at the size of the colored-block on the interface. This will show you all the files which are consuming your precious disk space.


Simply delete the un-necessary files directly by right-click on the block and deleting it. Its that easy.


Beware : Do not delete system files like Hibernate.sys or paagefile.sys or Autoexec etc, it may harm your windows.


Tip: My Documents folder uses a major amount of disk space if you keep lots of Pictures and Music in it. You can free a lot of space on c: drive by moving these files to some other drive.

[Download WinDirStat]


  1. sir,
    when i put a cd in the Cd rom/DVD RW, the system get restarted , plzzz help to rectify the problem
    with regds Mehraj

  2. This tool is incredible. I can see what files I need to move around to manage space when I’m doing my architectural, design and art projects. Even in Windows 7.

  3. This tool is great, I just have a couple questions, does it work on Ubuntu 11.04? Is there a version that would work? I’ve tried it with WINE but it still wont work properly. I have the same problem you are having with not enough disk space.

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