[How To Fix] Anti-Virus Updates Not Working

In this age of Internet, when most of us are connected to the web almost 24×7 using our computers, tablets and smartphones, the use of Anti-Virus software become even more important to protect ourselves from potential cyber threats and evil cyber-thefts of information and data. One of our readers recently asked a problem telling us that his computer’s anti-virus updates are not working. He is very nervous and troubled by the situation. Also he is also getting some security certificate errors in the Internet explorer and other web browsers. In this article, we will talk about the solutions to the problem when your anti-virus software does not update.

First of all, the problem which arises because of an out-dated or non-updated Anti-virus program is that it is not fully equipped to fight with the latest cyber threats which leave your computer vulnerable to attacks. It also leaved you vulnerable to identity thefts and financial data theft which are serious problems in today’s day and age.

Anti-Virus Update Problem

To solve the problem of Anti-virus update, you need to check on the following points:

Check Time and Date Settings:

For majority of users, this is the only cause of anti-virus software not working and security certificate errors in the browser. Once the date and time is set to correct date and time, you will stop seeing such errors and you will find that your Antivirus software is updating properly.

Check For Corruptions:

If the date and time setting does not solve your problem, then it may be a more serious issue like some file corruptions or anti-virus corruptions because of some malicious script or virus. In such case, we recommend to run a full system scan with a third party free tool like MBAM, you can use the free edition to run a full scan and remove any corruptions.

Check Connectivity:

It maybe a connectivity problem as well, sometimes, your computer might not be able to connect to certain websites and servers due to DNS related issued. To resolve this issue, read our previous article on – A Particular Website Does Not Open In Any Browser

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