Apps Not Installing or Getting Download From Windows 8 App Store

There are times when you try to download an app from windows store but after some time you see that the app is not getting downloaded but it remains in the pending state for a long time even for many days or some times when you try to connect to store, it says your pc is not connected to internet even when you are able to load webpages in the internet browser.


In order to fix this issue there are multiple ways depending how you are facing this problem and where you are facing the issue.

Reset Windows Store Cache Files

Go to windows 8 start screen and then launch Desktop view by clicking the desktop tile, Press the Windows key + R and Type WSReset.exe in the run prompt, now try to download the apps and they should not install and download without any issue in the windows 8 store.

Apps Not Updating Due To Problem With Windows 8 Updates

It might be an issue with windows 8 updates as well if you are facing the issue when apps not updating or installing or not getting downloaded as modern UI apps updates are linked to the windows 8 updates as well, to fix this you can follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Go to Control Panel.

2. Below System and Security select Find and fix problems (or) select System and Security – Action Center – Troubleshooting.

3. Select Fix problems with Windows update.

4. Select Next and when the process is complete select Finish.

In some cases when you notice that a app you started downloading is no longer installing or download is not getting completed then it could be the case when that app might have been removed from the Store. This means you can see the app description page on the web, but when you try to view the app in the Store, you’ll see a message that the app isn’t available.


  1. I have issues with my computer something continues to update using 200- 500 mbs each time i connect to internet i have requested windows not to update how do i find out wot is using the internet any help would be veryhelpful
    thank you

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