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Most of us like to keep all our favorite songs in our system so that whenever desired can be accessed easily. in fact, i have seen one of my friend, a big music lover, has kept a whole drive of his hard disk for the songs only. Collecting various music files seems to be an easy task compared to its organizing.

Seriously, when you have a big pile of music collection to organize then, it seems to be a big problem. It requires lot of patience and time for it. But with this new freeware called Fey TagEditor, this work can be made very easy.

Fey TagEditor is a versatile software dedicated to tag processing. This tool is user-friendly and can be used even by a beginner easily. It is compatible with windows 7, vista, xp and 2000.

After installation, the main window of the tool appears like this. At first, you have to open a directory either using its option present at the bottom of the window or a keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+O’.


The ID3 information of each file can be seen at the bottom of the window with an added option of lyrics. You can edit them very easily by just filling the missing ID3 tag fields (like title, artist, album, year, genre, comments and basically any info that might prove useful in generating a fully tagged file).

The other information of the file can be seen at the right side window in the ‘MPEG info’.


When the required information is not included in the music file (lets say, if your files are named track01.mp3 and miss any tags), you can use Fey TagEditor to download ID3 tags from online services including Amazon and FreeDB.

You can also export available tags for a backup or for further processing in the drop down menu of ‘options’ which will open a new window from which you can easily add or remove list columns you would like to export.


You can customize format options of both filename and directory format in the option’ ‘format options’ which will open this window.


You can also easily play and enqueue files in the winamp using the respective options in the ‘File’ menu. You can also use keyboard shortcuts for it ie ‘Ctrl+Enter’ and ‘Ctrl+Q’ respectively.

Download Fey TagEditor

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