Ask TroubleFixers – Solutions To Computer Problems – #6

Here comes part 6 of Ask Troublefixers after a break of a week. We have been on little vacation in last week so we were not able to take up the question answers in last week.


Trouble 1 :

Can you please tell me how can I remove Service pack 3 from Windows XP because i m not able to install my HDA audio drive.  – Rahul


There is a way to undo the installation of Windows XP service pack 3. So in case you have upgraded to Windows XP service pack 3, you can downgrade to SP2 using this tutorial to Uninstall Windows XP Service Pack 3. For windows driver related problems, see our tutorial on Finding Windows Drivers, also some Drivers related tutorials here.


Trouble 2 :

My computer responds "Unable to load graphics" when i prompt 2 play a game. – Varchasva



This is a clear indication that the graphics the game is using are beyond the capability of your computer’s graphics card or chipset. In such a case, try to reduce the graphics quality in game settings and options. Also turn off un-necessary applications before starting the game.

Sometimes its a DirectX related problem, see our tutorial on DirectX problem with Games. You can also consider to upgrade the graphics card as per your budget and needs. You can test your graphics card using this tutorial.


Trouble 3 :

I have a problem with my one of hardware device. I have  assembled my computer
recently, when I am installing windows XP on my computer some times my computer
is automatically restarting with a small noise. – Luckman


The noise you hear is a beep from the internal speaker of the computer case or cabinet. The most common reason for such problem is a faulty RAM or incompatible RAM. See theses guidelines while buying RAM for your computer. Read this article on RAM compatibility for further details.


Trouble 4 :

My computer freezes,it gets blue screen. It is even so slow taking more than 15 minutes to load up. There is  plenty of room on hard disc ,it turns its self on saying serious error,scanned with Malewarebytes, antimalware,also nod virus detection removed all infected files but still its  happening. Please help. – Derek


The problems you mention can be because of  certain reasons, most likely outdated or corrupted device drivers cause Blue Screen of Death errors. See our tutorial on finding drivers to upgrade device drivers, you can also try this paid Driver Scanner software if you want.

Other reason can be over-heating because of faulty fans.

The reason for it to take too much time to boot is because of too much startup entries. See this tutorial to make your computer fast.


Trouble 5 :

I can’t use microphone in my computer and when i use msn i can hear my friends but they can’t hear me. – Helder


Microphone problem is one of the most common problems with Windows Vista as it treats different microphone inputs differently and user has to select the microphone correctly. Once you select the correct microphone input device in settings, the problem gets solved. See this article on Microphone problem with GTalk also this article for Microphone problem with Yahoo Messenger


Hope you find these solutions useful. You can submit your problems to us at Our Submit Problem Page.


  1. I have a windows vista with outlook as my email choice. Cox is my provider. I send interesting web pages to my email address to read later. Its not going thro anymore since it says it has Spam though it is about college and health etc.
    can you help?

  2. Whnevr i play MFS Carbon as soon as i load my profile thn suddenly it shws sme blue screen wid sme srot of error n my comp is been restard so cn ny1 tell me wht the hell is going on n is thre ny solution of ths prob thn plzz let me knw….

  3. HI..i have geforce 7900 512 mb agp ddr3.but it is not working properly in HP system.when i put the card in agp slot and restart the system..the picture is jarking and slow. i have 3 g processor…1 gb ram…250 w power supply…other wise the card is work great in intel system…give me the solution…thanks

  4. hi, when i double click on C or D drive through my computer it gives a message “CHPK.EXE has encountered a problem”. I have scaned my computer for virus and there is no any virus in my computer. Plz suggest what to do?

  5. I can open my mail via hotmail but I can’t open any file. my computer will be hanging without opening the file. so my inbox now so full with e-mails and can’t open them nor to do any action. please help me to resolve this problem via my e-mail. Thanks much.

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