Auto Update Flash Player On Windows Computer

Most of the internet users will not be knowing that one of the online security tasks is to keep Adobe’s Flash Player up to date. One need to make sure that the Flash plugin is up to date to protect one’s computer system from exploits targeting Flash Player vulnerabilities.

Though the installed Flash Player keeps updating you after the default interval of seven days for update checks which means that you may be notified about a Flash Player update up to seven days after it has been released. But, some people do not like the notification so, they opt for out of update notifications which essentially means that they will not receive information about Flash Player updates anymore.

The updates are quite enough to update the browser plugin regularly but the settings has to be configured in the Global Notifications Panel of Flash Player’s online configuration settings by the user himself. The only browser that updates Flash automatically whenever it is released is the Google Chrome browser, but only if the native Flash plugin is used. So, considering this problem, there is a freeware called Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater that detects the installed Flash version on the system, checks for Flash Player version updates online and offers to install updates if available automatically.

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater is a smart and compact tool which will keep you tension free regarding your Flash Player being up to date. The tool is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp and requires .NET Framework 3.5 (or higher versions). After installation, it will show this window where it displays the installed Flash Player versions for Microsoft Internet Explorer, and the web browsers Firefox, Safari and Opera, as well as the latest known version.


Then, it will automatically flash this message to inform you about the new version and asks you to download it. It will do that by default even if Flash Player is not installed on the system. If you will click yes, then, it will automatically download it on your system.


Apart from it, it also provides certain settings (like to keep a check for available programs at start and more) to make it work accordingly in the ‘Alternative Auto Flash Auto Updater settings’. It also provide the option of ignoring installation of flash player for a particular browser like Firefox or internet explorer in the ‘Flash player Update settings’.


Download Alternative Auto Flash Auto Updater



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