Automatic Email Account Settings Configure Detect By Microsoft Outlook

Almost in all offices, employers do all the work through emails and avoid talks because it is a written proof of the other people views or comments. So, the daily number of mails they send or receive is very large. So, to keep a check on every new mail they have to keep online all day. This problem is solved by Microsoft Outlook which has brought the mails to their desktops. Also, it provides various features by which it becomes very easy to manage bulk of emails.

But to configure the Microsoft Outlook manually is a bit inconvenient task though we need to do it only once. Also, many beginners do not even know how to configure it. We have earlier given a tutorial for it – How To Setup, Configure Gmail IMAP Account In MS Outlook 2010.

But still, some of us do not use it just to avoid the time it will take in the configuration. In solution to this, there is a freeware called Code Two Outlook Autoconfig which will do all the configurations automatically.

Outllok Autoconfig will automatically create your email account in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail just by providing your email address. It will save your time from doing all the settings manually. It is compatible with windows 7, vista, 2003, xp and 2000. It works with Microsoft outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 and 98.

The application is portable so, does not need any installation. For settings, you will run the application which will open a new window where you have to enter your email address which you want to configure. Accordingly, it will display an username. You can also change the username if you want to. Also, you have to choose the mail client for which you ant to configure the settings and click on the ‘Create Account’.


Just after this, it will show this message which will inform you that your email account is ready to import. You just have to open the selected mail client and do further proceedings.


When you will open the mail client which you had selected, it will show you this pop-up window of ‘Enter Network Password’ in which server and your username was already there. You just have to fill your password in the space provided. Also, mark the option of ‘saving you password in the password list’ for next time ease and click ‘OK’ and its done.

NOTE: If the mail program in which you want to create the account using Outlook AutoConfig has not been used before, launch it and close it prior using CodeTwo Outlook AutoConfig. Ignore all notifications and questions concerning creating an email account in your mail client.


Download Code Two Outlook Autoconfig v2.1


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