Automatically Install Missing Drivers In Windows 8 Computer

I have been using Windows 8 as an early adopter and I have been learning many new things about it whenever I use it more and more. So I am pretty much learning with it in a natural way. In this article, I share with you a very convenient way of installing any missing device drivers in Windows 8 PC. You maybe using Windows 8 on a laptop or desktop or a tablet PC. Most likely, you may not need to install drivers if the PC came pre-installed with Windows 8 as most OEMs also install device drivers in Windows PCs. But in case you have clean installed the PC with Windows 8 or your Windows 8 device went bad and you re-installed Windows 8 on it, you might need to install drivers for Windows 8.

Install Missing Drivers in Windows 8 (5)

While Windows 8 will automatically support most of the existing devices with bundled default drivers, you may still need some extra drivers. One of the most convenient and automatic ways of installing Windows 8 missing drivers is through the action center. In the right bottom of the screen on the Desktop view of Windows 8, you can see a small flag, which is the action center icon. Click on it and it will open the action center.

In case the action center finds some missing drivers, it will show under maintenance, click on show message details.

Install Missing Drivers in Windows 8 (6)

In maintenance message details, it will show you what drivers are missing and will give you a direct download link to the missing driver file.

Install Missing Drivers in Windows 8 (1)

Simply click the download link and run the downloaded file.

Install Missing Drivers in Windows 8 (2)

Once you run the installation file, it is much like installing any new driver in regular way. You need to watch carefully for the steps involved as it may require some inputs or settings from you.

Install Missing Drivers in Windows 8 (3)

Simply proceed with the installation and your drivers will be installed.

Install Missing Drivers in Windows 8 (4)

In most cases, a new device driver installation will require you to re-start your Windows 8 computer, so save your unsaved work, re-start and your device drivers will come into effect. Hope you find this procedure simple and easy to follow. Check out some more Windows 8 Tips and Tutorials by Trouble Fixers.

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