Automatically Save or Backup A File While You Are Working On It

Most of us are not in the habit of saving our file or document on which we are working. We always have the tendency of saving it at the time of completion or at the time when we have to leave it in the middle.

This tendency of ours sometimes leads to the loss of all the information and work which we have done on that file due to many reasons like power cut or accidental click on close button and many more. After that, we again have to work on that particular file starting from the beginning.

I m sure that everyone of you has faced this problem at least once but still don’t remember to save the current file. So, there is a freeware called AutoSaver for this problem.

AutoSaver is a tiny and smart tool that saves the file on which you are working after an interval of time which you can set. It is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp. It does not need any software for its installation.

When installed in your system, it will appear with this icon in the notification area.


It is a tiny tool which is very easy to use. When you click on the icon, it will open a window with few options in which you can set the interval time after which your file on which you are working will be saved automatically.

For example, if i want to save my files after every 5 minutes then, i will set the time 5 minutes.

NOTE: It works on all applications that supports the hotkey ‘Ctrl + S’.


Also, it provides the option of starting at the time of Windows. So, you need not to open it before starting to work. It will start automatically and do its work.


So, with this tool in your system, you will never face the problem of loosing your information on the working file which you have not saved by yourself. You can concentrate on your work without thinking about the saving the file after an interval of time.

Download AutoSaver in ZIP file


Download AutoSaver in EXE file


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