Avoid CiceroUIWndFrame Error While Windows Shut-Down


Some days back we received a quite common problem in which one of out reader Shashi Sonawane says:-

My windows explorer get hanged whenever I open it and try to close it down. The error CiceroUIWndFrame comes which shutting down.


The CiceroUIWndFrame error comes due to a bug in Microsoft Office which gives a message saying CiceroUIWndFrame and windows explorer becomes not responding when ever you log off or shut down your computer.


Let’s see how can you fix CiceroUIWndFrame error appearing at the time of log off and shutdown.


In order to fix this issue you need to remove Speech and Handwriting Recognition feature from Microsoft Office.


Follow the procedure given below to fix CiceroUIWndFrame error

1. Start >> Control Panel

2. Double Click Add Remove Programs

3. Locate Microsoft Office and click on change button

4. Now, Check the box which says:  Choose advanced customization of applications

5. Browse to Office Shared Features, Alternative User Input, and select for Speech and Handwriting recognition (both) and make them Not Available


6. Click the update button and let it finish and you are done. 

[ Via onlinecomputertips

We hope this will help you fix the trouble, if it does not please let us know through comments.


  1. Thank you for the clear instructions. They worked great. The other sites left out the critical
    “Now, Check the box which says: Choose advanced customization of applications”


  2. yes, instuctions were cleare but it didn’t do the job…
    Please help.
    Thank you

  3. The suggested fix did not work for me. Here’s what did work.
    I recently experienced the same problem with CiceroUlWndframe. My solution came about when I discovered that I had an unsent email in Outlook 2003 SP3 that got there by way of Windows Live Messenger. I deleted the unsent message and the CiceroUlWndframe error stopped. I’m running XP SP3 and use Outlook 2003 SP3 strictly for the calendar. My regular email service is set up for Outlook Express 6. An attempt to send a message from WL Messenger defaulted to using Outlook ’03 and left the message hanging in Outlook ’03 since I never set it up for an email connection to the internet. It was the repeated pop-ups that a message was still trying to be sent that got my attention.

  4. I tried to follow your instructions, but after clicking “change” there was no option for “advanced customisation of applications”. There were only 3 options: add or remove, repair or remove.

  5. This fix doesn’t work for me – I’m using Office 2007 in XP Home SP3. If I click Start – Control Panel – Add/Remove – Microsoft Office – Change – Office Shared Features does not contain Alternative User Input therefore no Speech Button to alter. Where am I going wrong please?

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