Useful Precautions To Prevent MS Access Database Corruption

Microsoft Access is one of the highly used relational database management tools developed by Microsoft. Despite of its popularity and simplicity in use, MS Access database is prone to get corrupt due to sudden system (on which MS Access is installed) shutdown, improper closing of Access database, etc.

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The corruption of MS Access database causes inaccessibility of data stored in it. However, if we work a little carefully on MS Access database then we can prevent its corruption and hence data loss to an extent. These precautions may include:

Create Backup Regularly:

It is recommended to maintain the regular backups of your MS Access database. Thus, you can use this backup to perform Access recovery to recover your precious data at the time of Access database corruption.

Exit Properly from the Database:

Always make sure that you properly exit from the MS Access database. Select File>Exit option to properly close this application.

Close All the Connections:

It is advisable to close all the connections in the database as soon as you complete working on it.


Split your Database:

If your MS Access database is being accessed by more than one person then it is recommended to split it into two pieces: a front end that contains forms, queries, reports, and data access pages, and a backend which stores all the data in the table.

Use ‘Compact and Repair’ feature of MS Access:

You can use the inbuilt ‘Compact and Repair’ feature of MS Access to increase its performance and prevent from corruption.

Do not Put Mac and Windows users on Same Network:

The chances of MS Access corruption are high when Mac and Windows users share the same network. Since, Mac generate heavy traffic when moving graphic files and printing thus it is recommended to not to put Windows and Mac users on the same network.

Above recommended are some resolutions which can prevent your MS Access database from getting corrupt. However, if your MS Access database is already corrupt or it got corrupt despite of following all the recommended precautions then at that situation it is advisable to opt for third-party Access database recovery software. These Access recovery tools repair severely damaged Access database and restore their objects in new MDB file.

These software not only repairs corrupt or damaged MS Access database but can also recover the deleted records from the database. The efficient software has quick recovery approach by which it can repair corrupt MS Access database and recover its objects such as tables, forms, reports, queries, modules, macros, etc.

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