Stop Links To Open In Full Screen IE 10 in Windows 8

Its been some time I have been using windows 8, and one thing I noticed from day one was when ever I clicked any link either in a metro app, in some document or any where else in windows 8. For first couple of times, I did not had any issues with the thing happening in windows but after some time I realized that IE 10 on desktop would be a better choice when I m dealing with other apps and programs windows.

TroubleFixers In IE full screen

After some searching I found out that there can be a simple solution to this problem just by changing some configurations settings related to links. You should know that IE10 is available in both Metro style and desktop experiences when it is the default browser.

Open Links In IE on Desktop In Windows 8

It could really annoying when all the times when you click a hyperlink and it opens in IE 10 in full screen in the metro app, as there are multiple things as a user might be doing at a time and suddenly an app just hides everything and opens a webpage in complete full screen is really a waste of the complete full screen space while stopping others visibility at that instant.

To Launch desktop version of IE 10, go to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer and double click iexplore.exe


For this you will need to launch the desktop version of IE 10 in windows 8, and once launched go to settings


Under Internet Options  >> Programs you will see the drop down which controls over how you would like to open links


Now you just need to select the option in the drop down which says “Always In Internet Explorer on the desktop” and then click ok button. This is how you can avoid links to open in IE 10 in full screen when ever you click a link.

IE Options Choose How You Open Links Grayed Out

This could happen with users on which the default browser is not IE, Now the way to set the default browser on windows 8 to IE on desktop, you will need to change it from control panel >> default programs and select “Set your default programs” and then repeat the above procedure to stop links opening in IE 10 Metro Style.


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