Avoid Youtube Video To Stop or Stuck While Playing

There are times when you just play a video on youtube and after some seconds you see the video getting stuck or trying to load but due to slow internet connection, it pauses and does not play completely and gets stuck.

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It has happened to many of of readers who are either on slow internet connections or the internet connection speed is good enough for normal browsing but poses issues when they try to watch a video on youtube.

Play Youtube Videos Seamlessly Without Any Lag or Getting Stuck

Yes, there are some ways you can avoid a youtube video from stopping in between due to slow internet connection, most of times it happen because by default if video is available in HD 720p or HD 1080p it will be played in the best high screen resolution which could be 720p or 1080p.

Just in case if most of the video are stuck in between and stopped from loading because they are running in HD and causes more bandwidth and speed, you can always decrease the resolution of the video to 480p, 360p or 240p, as the resolution of video decreases it will less likely to get stuck while loading as internet bandwidth at lower screen resolution is mush less and this video playing smoothly without any issues.


Please Note: Using this way the video quality will get decreased to some extent but as soon as it is good on your eyes, it should be fine.

Another way to make sure that the youtube video automatically plays in low screen resolution rather than in HD if available, you can set the desired preferences under your youtube account profile once you are logged in.

You will need, go to account settings

youtube account settings

Under account settings, find the Playback section and click to select it.

Youtube Video Playback Settings

Under playback settings, you can specify that you have slow internet connection so when you are logged in while watching youtube video, it should not play a HD video in HD format but rather play it by default in resolution lower than HD.

slow internet youtube

Additional Tip: You can also set this option in such a way youtube always play a video in HD if available.


This way you can solve the problem of HD videos do not load on your computer from youtube, we hope the above methods helps you to fix the stuck playback while watching a youtube video. If you have a related problem or  query we suggest you to use the comment section below to let us know about it, and we will try our best to solve it for you.


  1. Hi Abhishek,
    Thanks for sharing this useful information. I was not aware of it that I could change the resolution to increase my speed of playing videos. Its a big relief and I won’t struggle waiting for videos to load.

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