Back up your data from a virus infected pen drive


We have been receiving lots of problems these days, most of the problems relate to different types of virus which commonly infect through pen drives. There are large number of viruses like NewFolder.exe virus, Funny UST Scandal avi.Exe , kinza.exe and W32.Rontokbro.B@mm virus.


Most of these viruses cause the following most common problems on your windows computer.

All the types of viruses which infect from your system, through a file called autorun.inf created on the root directory of your pen drive. So, when you double click your virus infected pen drive the virus automatically copy itself to your system.

Let’s see how can you still open your infected pen drives on your computer copy your data.


1. Firstly insert your pen drive into the USB port, windows will run autorun menu but don’t open your pen drive through autorun menu rather cancel it.

2. As your pen drive will get detected and will show under My Computer with a drive letter associated.

3. Press Window + R and type <drive letter of pendrive>: and press Enter.

For Example


4. Back up your files from your pen drive, but remember to copy files only not folders.

5. Now, Click on Tools >> Folder Options and Click the View tab.

Scroll down and select to show hidden files and folders and click Ok

6. Move back the focus to your pen drive, you will see many virus files and folder. Delete any files or folder which looks suspicious to you from your pen drive.

We hope this will help you to backup your data from your pen drive when it is also infected with a virus, you can also refer to our post on How to troubleshoot Top 10 USB Pen Drive Problems or you can refer to out virus problems and solutions category.

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  1. Don’t you think we should scan the pen drive first to eliminate the viruses that will not be displayed even with “show hidden files and folders” option?

  2. These pen drives viruses are spreading a lot these days.
    My friend had a virus in pen drive, which neither showed up in windows explorer even after Showing Hidden files n Folders nor it got caught with Antivirus(tried Norton 2008, Antivir, AVG).

    But when i viewed the contents of pen drive using ubuntu, the exe file showed up and then we deleted and made pen drive virus free.

  3. hi frnd, here is a new problem ” the problem is when i started my system search results window is comming repeatedly though i didnt click the search icon in start menu.
    this is repeatedly comming though i close the window and it makes me to shutdown the system “.plz help me how to get rid of this problem

  4. sir
    pen drive insert the pc show the pc as removeldisk but show the not insert the pc blank space show please solve the problem & send the solutions

  5. Hi,

    I have recently taken up a 32GB Kingston pen drive.
    Initially it was working fine.
    But now, no folder is getting created in that.
    Even if I copy from HD to pen drive, the memory will be consumed. But it will not appear. It will be hidden.
    The amazing thing is that, a folder with the same name is created. If i click on Show Hidden files and folders, i can see only the folders no contents will be seen.

    Please give me a solution for this.
    As i am in badly need of backing up my Lappy.

  6. All the folders of my pen-drive have been converted to shortcuts targeting the file I:\RECYCLER\bcd8f464.exe . I have deleted the folder named RECYCLER but now error message persists notifying me that the target application named ‘so-and-so’ does not exists.

    I have got a thorough scan of the pen-drive which mentions 153 infected files but I don’t get a way to access them. I just can’t afford to lose all the data, so I can’t simply format the drive.

    Plz help me out……………………..

  7. sir i have a 8gb pan drive jetflash.but it’s proparty show only 0 bytes free space and 0 bytes use space . plz. sir tell me what i do shortout this problem.

  8. Some time when i insert a someone’s pen drive after few min it shows software is installed do you want to reboot your computer now?

    What is this actually?

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